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Kemi Oloyede (kxmolo) is an interdisciplinary scientist and artist (they/them). They are based in London and are of British-Nigerian descent.


Their work was born out of boredom during the COVID-19 pandemic (particularly during the first UK lockdown) and was created in efforts to uplift those in the queer Black community.


Kemi holds a Foundation diploma in Art and Design from the University for the Creative Arts and two science degrees.

They are currently pursuing a PhD in 'Clinical Medicine Research' in Environmental Sciences. Although they are now studying, they anticipate the exploration of making meaningful connections between art, science and culture during this time.


Their illustration style can be likened to dynamic comic and manga illustrations, drawing from influences in Black queer culture, Afrofuturism, science fiction, 90s Nollywood references and 90s/2000s anime.

They have a great interest in artwork that encompasses aspects of art and science, and this plays a large theme in their work. They aim to create work that is a visual and cultural display of identity, in conjunction with scientific theory and aesthetics, as well assessing the relationship between them.


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